Good food, good beer, good service!
Not your typical brew pub. Detroit Beer Company has an impressive number of food options, including offerings for vegetarians and vegans. My wife had a grilled salmon entree, which was served on a bed of sautéed greens and with a creamy risotto. I opted for...More ... read more
David C via - Apr 22, 2018
Nice place, decent beer, okay menu ...
Nice place, decent beer, okay menu for a brewery, decent service. All in all this is a nice place but nothing special. I personally thought the beer was just okay. The "Opening Day IPA" was lacking some spice. The "Local 1529 IPA" was a little better. The "Broadway Light" was probably the best one of the bunch. It was a nice lager th ... read more
Steven H. via - Apr 12, 2018
Lives up to expectations..lots of beer and drink choices..had a great burger.tasty .eife had burger with sweet potatoes extra charge like in Canada. It makes its own beer.had a dunkle beer named after piston player Griffin..
zeeguide via - Apr 8, 2018
Good spot before the Red Wings game
Popped in for a quick beer before the Detroit Red Wings game. Microbrews and a few TVs in the main bar. I had the Broadway Light and my hubby had a Sir Dunks A Lot. Good spot... strong fan turnout about 3 hours before the...More ... read more
tracyamarek via - Apr 7, 2018
Good beer
The beers were solid that we tried. I didn’t overly love the atmosphere and vibe of the place would probably sit at the bar if I came again. Food menu looked good although we were just in for a few beers.
abbyDW007 via - Apr 4, 2018
The cider beer and nachos were ...
The cider beer and nachos were great. Service is friendly. Need to try their food next time round. They have a lot of beer selections on tap.
Barani M. via - Apr 4, 2018
Great Atmosphere
Stopped in at the end of a tour to enjoy some beer. Service was efficient and friendly in the upstairs bar area. Really enjoyed the atmosphere. Beautiful building! Didn't order food - those who did very much enjoyed their snacks. The beer was a little...More ... read more
AmyLynn1980 via - Apr 1, 2018
Great food and beer while staff dealt with surge crowd due to national sports event crowd ebb/flow between games ... read more
Gregory Leonard via - Mar 16, 2018
Great beer, great food and great service!! Mike was a great host, thanks ... read more
ed shrader via - Mar 10, 2018
I'm holding my 5 Star review, only because the first time I went in for the Shepherd's pie it was out, so I just did a carry out of the Nacho's platter... DO NOT ORDER ANYONE'S!!!!! Nacho's for carry out, any hoo....... I'm ecstatic that I went back. OMG....Becky and my girls!!!!!!! This was THE BEST!!!! GREAT! I want to go back t ... read more
Dezerai Monique via - Mar 2, 2018
Fish tacos for sure and the beer is good too!
Ryan James via - Feb 24, 2018
Great Beer
Went here for the beer and was not disappointed but the food and service were just as good. Great little place within walking distance of the stadiums and reasonably priced. The Brigand Steak and Fish & Chips were both excellent options.
simbadusty via - Feb 18, 2018
Great place. Delicious pizza. Great ...
Great place. Delicious pizza. Great tasting beer. Friendly service. I'll be back. Again and again.
Mike J. via - Feb 18, 2018
This was a nice joint to pop into ...
This was a nice joint to pop into before walking to the Fox for a concert. Upstairs it was busy. When the bartender saw we were waiting a bit too long for service, he came right over to take care of us. My burger was good, and my better half enjoyed her salad more than she does at most other places. We will be back for another IPA.
Joe C. via - Feb 7, 2018
Great beer! Good food! Excellent service! Thanks Tim ... read more
Sage Somes-geiger via - Feb 1, 2018
We went in on a Friday night and ...
We went in on a Friday night and it was surprisingly not too busy. Our waiter was super friendly. We ordered a few beers, the margherita pizza and Veneto pizza. I wasn't a fan of the beer but my friend liked his. The pizza was really good . I also appreciated their extensive menu because although that made it harder to choose what to ... read more
Tash M. via - Jan 30, 2018
The fish n chips were amazing; the beer I ordered was some of the best I've ever had as well. I think it was called Outer Darkness? ... read more
Brandon Pulver via - Jan 23, 2018
Great service! Great brews!
Darrell Hall via - Jan 20, 2018
The brews are alright, and the ...
The brews are alright, and the nachos were better than the pretzel. It's got sort of a cool exposed bricks and tanks thing going on, which I guess is pretty normal for breweries these days. For whatever reason, the cheese that came with the pretzel was completely solid and not really capable of being dipped into, so not sure what hap ... read more
Misha T. via - Jan 20, 2018
Food and service was great, beer was so so.
Allen Nelson via - Jan 15, 2018
Very cool had a great time ... read more
Kirk C via - Jan 13, 2018
Great beer and great service.
Sue Cheresko via - Jan 13, 2018
I recently stopped in and tried a variety of beers and they were great. I'll most definitely be back.
The Property Hustler via - Jan 13, 2018
Great beer! Good food! Excellent service! Thanks Tim ... read more
Grant DeMolen via - Jan 12, 2018
Good beer and good food. Nice atmosphere.
Todd Elstone via - Jan 10, 2018
Good beer, meh pizza
Needing an excuse to go for a drive we head here for a late lunch on a winter Saturday. The porter was good and satisfying but we left half of a margarita pizza uneaten. The crust was bland and unable to elevate the timid tomato...More ... read more
G J W via - Jan 4, 2018
Lots of Mistakes in our Orders
This was a good place to meet with a large group and we liked our food. Got the wrong appetizer, waited super long for one person's drink, and at least two orders arrived not as ordered. Maybe it was because we were a large group? ... read more
MimiandPapa2862 via - Jan 1, 2018
I had a great time with my wife while waiting for our boys who were at concert event at Little Caesar's Arena. We enjoyed all ordered food items including one of the greatest nacho platters as well as a spectacular jambalaya dish. Wonderful service from waiter (Tyler) . Very helpful with knowledge of all beers. Thanks for a beauti ... read more
Frank Gioia via - Dec 29, 2017
RE: Pre-Game Go to
I kind of hate to post this as my Lions pre-game go to place because it becomes over run with fans from opposing teams that probably scope out TA for recommendations....but it is our go to. It’s always busy on game day but once you’re...More ... read more
Wendy Z via - Dec 28, 2017
The veggie pizzas (black bean and veggie) were great with a nice thin crust. The sweet potato fries were nicely done too ... read more
sagar kamat via - Dec 24, 2017
Decided to give Detroit Beer Co ...
Decided to give Detroit Beer Co. a try before the Pistons game 12/22/17. On a mild night, easily within walking distance of the new arena. No complaints about the service, were greeted & seated as soon as we walked in. Our server Autumn was great, at our table quickly and checked back in on us a couple times. I saw complaints about t ... read more
Detroit N. via - Dec 24, 2017
Food and Drinks before the Lions game 12/16/2017
We arrived before it got real busy. So we were able to get a table. The food, beers and service was excellent!! I will visit again when in the area. IT WAS FANTASTIC!!
saltynutz1 via - Dec 18, 2017
Good! Purple hair guy super nice!
I came with a larger group of friends this past week, a little taken back by the review which talked about the purple hair guy. Gotta tell you don’t know what happened with the previous review but this guy was super nice and personable. He...More ... read more
troutcatcher04 via - Dec 12, 2017
Great Game day Hangout
Detroit Beer Company has been a game day favorite for my family and I. It's not to far from Comerica Park so to go there and eat before the game is great. Or if your not going to the game and rather watch it on...More ... read more
GarwoodFam via - Dec 11, 2017
We were the only ones at the hostess ...
We were the only ones at the hostess stand at about 7:30pm. No one greeted us for over 5 minutes. Hostess was friendly once she arrived. Waiter was very nice and food was excellent, but wow was service slow! And there wasn't a wait for at least an hour after we got here. We saw many groups waiting for 5-10 minutes at the door to be g ... read more
Jessica R. via - Nov 11, 2017
We came here right before a Pistons game on Saturday night. Arrived around 5 PM and we were seated right away. The place quickly filled up to capacity though so I recommend not arriving too late after 5 on weekends. NOTE: I called and asked where I could park. I was told to park at the Opera House Parking Center across the street and ... read more
David Mayers via - Nov 6, 2017
Good food, good drinks, nice atmosphere ...
Good food, good drinks, nice atmosphere, reasonably priced. BBQ chicken sandwich, grilled cheese, fish tacos and the pretzel are our favs here.
L R. via - Nov 5, 2017
Pretty good beer selection. No complaints on the food. Pretty good experience ... read more
Squeeze First via - Oct 31, 2017
Went before a hockey game. Food ...
Went before a hockey game. Food was pretty good. Better than expecting the quesadilla was well seasoned and pasta was delicious. Could have been a bit brighter but overall good experience ... read more
Devon R. via - Oct 31, 2017
Stopped in before the Lions game ...
Stopped in before the Lions game with a buddy. Wanted to get a quick bite and my buddy wanted a beer. Went in and it was obviously crowded as it is before most events downtown. We searched the bar with no luck and ran into a guy with a blue Mohawk, I believe his name was Tim. He asked if we were looking for a table we told him yes an ... read more
Daniel H. via - Oct 29, 2017
Decent beer and good food
Come for the beer, stay for the food. The restaurant has a cozy feel thanks to the layout and lighting, but it is spacious and could hold a sizable gathering. Beer is good, if not great. Maybe stop in for a snort before attending the...More ... read more
596freyah via - Oct 27, 2017
Great variety for the food menu! ...
Great variety for the food menu! Pizza is a must! Tried the vegetarian and the Caribbean. Great crust and fresh vegetables; both flavor packed!  Will definitely be back to explore the menu.
Kristin E. via - Oct 19, 2017
My wife and I only had beer here, so I can't speak on behalf of the food. Their beer selection is good, couple different types, so you should be able to find something you like. Good spot to watch a game as well.
Christian Zummer via - Oct 18, 2017
Pretty good beer selection. No complaints on the food. Pretty good experience ... read more
Jason Ford via - Oct 9, 2017
Still not sold on this place
This was my second visit here. The first time I had food with my beer and the quesadilla was tasty. This time I only had a beer, I went for the lighter German style beer as I was thirsty from walking around downtown for the...More ... read more
The_GR_Blade via - Oct 7, 2017
I'm newish to the area and my husband ...
I'm newish to the area and my husband and I were looking for a place to eat some greasy food and have some beers after a photo shoot I had in the downtown area. I hadn't eaten much during the day because of the shoot so I was hungry! This place was suggested. I was starving and in dire need of some food and drinks! The place is reall ... read more
Mary R. via - Oct 7, 2017
"Baja Michigan...are ...
"Baja Michigan...are you sure?" says my friend who hails from San Diego. "Yeah, sure, why not!" I should have listened. I know better. Unless it's a Mexican restaurant in SoCal or Texas I should know what I'm getting when I order Baja tacos this north of the border. (not saying it can't be done! Just saying it's hard to na ... read more
Celiz A. via - Oct 6, 2017
Nice micro brewery
This restaurant was simply close to our lodging so was a ‘blind’ find. Decent beers, wide selection of foods, good foods, good service. We ate outside, nice.
traveler-Sej via - Oct 3, 2017
Good pizza
Service was not god, very slow. Pizza was good, & was done quick. Beer good, might go back if in area ... read more
Alanna J via - Oct 2, 2017
Excellent Beer, Good food!
Joseph Nagy via - Oct 1, 2017
Amazing food. The black bean and ...
Amazing food. The black bean and asiago dip is excellent, the whole table enjoyed it. Brews were pretty good too. Only downside to this visit is that we stood at the host stand for maybe 15 mins while host mopped without noticing us. He apologized profusely though, and our waitress was exceptional. Will definitely visit again. If you ... read more
Ashley T. via - Oct 1, 2017
Timothy was not my fav. He was snarky.
Mary Luteran via - Sep 27, 2017
I loved my evening at Detroit Beer Co! The fish tacos that I ordered were amazing and my fiance's catfish was also excellent. The drinks were delicious and the service was on point. We will definitely be back!
Haley Rose via - Sep 26, 2017
The hostess never told us about the bar upstairs
We had an event at the Opera House, and decided to eat/ drink here first. They wouldn't take reservations for 2, but told us we could probably get seated if we came early (4:45). The line was out the door, people were complaining the hostess...More ... read more
joshedunn via - Sep 24, 2017
We wanted to check this place out ...
We wanted to check this place out before going to the Opera house. We were told they won't take reservations for 2, but if we came early, we'd probably get a seat. We arrived at 4:45, only to find a line out the door. No one seemed to know how long of a wait, because the hostess hadn't been back to her station for awhile. People were ... read more
Sheila D. via - Sep 24, 2017
Great beer, food, and atmosphere
This is our favorite place in Detroit. We've been here several times over the past year and have always had great service. We live about an hour away, but we enjoy the beer so much that both my husband and I joined the mug club....More ... read more
Christine W via - Sep 16, 2017
beer is good beer is great
beer is good, beer is great. wife is not a big beer drinker but she loves there cider beer on tap. i got the burger with fried oniin rings and bbq sauce. pattie looked store bought decent flavor but would come back just for that....More ... read more
justin c via - Sep 15, 2017
We had to attend a wedding in downtown Detroit. Because there was a gap between the ceremony and the reception we needed to kill time. We found this place on Google maps. The waitress recommended the stromboli so that's what we ordered. OMG, it was so good! Plus the beer was tasty too. This place was the highlight of the wedding. Hig ... read more
J M via - Sep 3, 2017
Ordered the fish tacos and beer ...
Ordered the fish tacos and beer cheese soup. The soup was DELICIOUS! I wish I ordered a bowl instead of a cup. The fish tacos were good, but nothing special.
Kali E. via - Aug 30, 2017
Decent place to grab a beer.Staff ...
Decent place to grab a beer.Staff is always light, so go with time to spare and don't expect a lot of attention.Food is average and utterly forgettable and the space is a bit shoddy and unkempt.The pizza is probably their best food item. Their sandwiches are light on the items and they give a little bit of fries, which are good.I wou ... read more
Rene C. via - Aug 27, 2017
Good beer
We tasted a few beers. Our server was helpful while we selected our choices. The food was average. Not much meat in two of the sandwiches. The Shepherd's Pie was tasty but lacked sufficient meat. We didn't stay for dessert.
FranP1216 via - Aug 26, 2017
Nice place, quite dark though. The food was good, both the burger and the sandwich! Nice beer as well!
Ellie Fassoi via - Aug 26, 2017
Nice bar to hang out, close to Comerica and Ford Field
I went after a NFL game at Ford field. They have tables outside, perfect for days when the weather is nice. Additionally to beers, they have different cocktails options. We did not order food, so cannot comment about that.
Ana Bia G via - Aug 24, 2017
Beer was good had the chicken nachos ...
Beer was good had the chicken nachos they were okay wouldn't get them agin other then that beer was the best of everything ... read more
Yvonne S. via - Aug 23, 2017
Good beer and good food
Wanted to try some local beers so we headed over to Detroit Beer company to sample their selection. Pretty good! For a small batch brewery their selection and quality was worth the trip. The food was decent and they have an outside area that provides...More ... read more
Kieran K via - Aug 18, 2017
Good Stop After the Ball Game
Wanted to check this place out after the 1pm Tigers game. Figured it would fill up incredibly fast after the game ended, so we left in the middle of the 9th to walk over. We were surprised to find that there was still quite a...More ... read more
chab009 via - Aug 17, 2017
I feel in love with the Detroit ...
I feel in love with the Detroit Beer Company when I was visiting Detroit last weekend.  My husband and I stopped in on Thursday 8/10/17 and he liked their beer and I liked the looks of their menu so we went for dinner on Friday 8/11/17 before the Tigers game and ended up w/ the same server named Lee W.- nice guy- great personality! I ... read more
Kristi O. via - Aug 17, 2017
A little dirty. Sandwich was good ...
A little dirty. Sandwich was good until I realized that the pork in the Cuban was not cooked enough. Beer was good though ... read more
Ryan F. via - Aug 12, 2017
Great place to grab a beer.
Stopped here before a Tigers game. Went to upstairs bar, the bartender was extremely friendly. Ordered some nachos and they were very good. This is a place to stop when in Detroit.
jshayden via - Aug 11, 2017
I can't go home to DETROIT without ...
I can't go home to DETROIT without stopping here excellent beer, food super fast service friendly atmosphere great place to hangout go before or after games. Would definitely recommend!!!
Milton J. via - Jul 28, 2017
Nothing beats a nice drink at the ...
Nothing beats a nice drink at the Detroit brewery and it was delicious we tried out the orange creamsicles. Even after just that one drink I definitely felt the alcohol. Love coming here and will continue to do so.
Tookie S. via - Jul 24, 2017
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